Digital Engagement Tactics During Pandemic

We as entrepreneurs have always been taught the dynamics of the business environment and how significantly impactful these changes can be. Covid-19 pandemic is one such great real-life example that has reshaped the reality of the world economy and consumer markets across borders. With global lockdowns and restrictions, people have been pushed to accept the new normal and they have gradually acquainted with the changed scenario. Confined in the walls of their homes, consumers have evolved their way of socializing, entertainment, and especially buying products. A recent global consumer study reveals that more than 71% of the world’s consumers are investing more time online during the current pandemic crisis. 

By now you would agree, there has been an unprecedented crucial shift in consumer behavior and hence it carries weight when we say it is extremely potent for businesses to match the needs of the transformed times to survive and gain any kind of business advantage.

With the increased digital adoption in the consumer segment, there is more than ever pressure on the brands to go digital and change their current practices around interacting, socializing, and offering products to their target community. We at Cohora have the right tools in place to help you launch your digital initiatives just the way you have maximum control and autonomy over your audience. Let us run you through some proven tactics that would allow you to leverage your digital plans successfully.

Curate Data-Centric Initiatives: Ideating plans based on researched data and parameters would keep you in the right direction of your digital goals. Analyze the online time of your target audience, learn how their most online time looks like and what amuses them the most during this period. Use this data in figuring the campaigns that would build meaningful conversations and relationships with the target audience. Since data is the key element here, ensure you are relying on platforms that provide you real-time data along with full control and ownership. First-party data deems to be the most reliable as confirmed by 65% of respondents in a study conducted by Quantcast Iligo and brings more fruitful results. You could always depend on Cohora when it comes to first-party data since we value the autonomy of our customer businesses.

Build Direct Connection with the Audience: Businesses harnessing a direct touch with their customers have an edge in servicing their target community better. Given all has become digital in the pandemic times, brands need to get onboard with channels that allow them to foster these deep connections with their audience. There are multiple researches depicting brands with strong customer connections have an enhanced customer loyalty and retention rate which means more business. Thus, a direct brand to customer connection is a non-negotiable aspect.

Build Brand Advocacy: With everything digital, the ways to develop brand advocacy need to shift online as well. This might be slightly challenging, however with amazing support like Cohora you could nail this just right. The truth is, customers today can not be lured with traditional offers and rewards, businesses need to personalize their loyalty programs towards different sets of customers to achieve the best results. Such loyalty programs not only enable businesses to develop a sense of trust and faith in their customers but also turn customers into brand promoters which is a huge win given they have an incredible tendency of influencing a purchase decision.

We are pretty confident by now you must be well aware of how to accomplish your digital and customer community goals during these pandemic times and do not be panicky if you feel there is too much to do since we have got it all covered for you. Cohora has been amazingly designed to live up to your customer engagement and community expectations. We provide all that is required to make the above possible and many other features to assist you in knitting closer bonds and relationships with your customers and thereby fulfilling your customer retention and loyalty goals. Thus, if you need support, collaborate with us and we will make this work-life magic for you. Get your demo now.

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