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Haven’t we heard “customer is the king”. Steve Jobs famously said “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves”. Today, companies are putting customers at the core of their business and adopting strategies to become truly customer-centric. While many companies believe that customer centricity is important only 14% of the marketers says that it is the hallmark of their companies (as per CMO council report) because some companies don’t have the systems and technology to segment and profile customers.

What is a customer-centric company?

A customer-centric company creates a culture around customers’ needs and demands. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Such companies know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself. A customer-centric company follows customer-centric practices through all stages of business; right from the awareness stage to purchasing and post-purchase of a product.

Top customer-centric strategies

  • Time: Respecting customer’s time goes a long way in creating long-lasting relationships. Studies reveal that 64% of customers expect real-time interactions.
  • Interaction-channels: Use interaction modes that are popular with customers. The channel preferences that are currently in demand include social listening, live chats, discussion forums, AI enabled bots, Feedback surveys and many more.
  • Personalize: Statistics reveal that 90[i]% of customers find personalization appealing. From content to emails to products and even more, the consumer is absolutely driven by personalized experiences. Personalized decision-making helps you gain competitive edge among your competitors.
  • Asynchronous messaging: Traditional ways of customer-service such as phone calls, emails, live chats are a passé. Asynchronous messaging gives the flexibility to your customers to get notified of your response and respond accordingly.
  • Self-service: Self-service is extremely gratifying for customers. Self-service is time-efficient, involves fewer errors and customers love to solve their problems independently.

Cohora, the next generation customer-centric tool provides a unified user-friendly platform for brands to boost their capabilities: organic growth, improve retention rate, brand loyalty and rewards and increase customer lifetime value. Our platform helps brands to:

Leverage the power and passion of your community. Builds, engages and communicates with your community in real-time, from one place. With the shift in audience from generation X to Millennials to Generation Z, we adapt our approach and tools to the changing behaviour and trends. We bring your community into the digital content ecosystem, allow you to take ownership and protect brand media, and maximize its commercial potential.

Understand customer’s needs and personalize your product- Personal interaction is highly regarded by customers. Cohora leverages the combination of Predictive and Augmented analytics power to engage and personalize your communication; we help personalize your product offer based on customer behaviour in real- time.

Collect and transform meaningful data. Cohora is a data-driven platform that feed on the meaningful data that are collected across all the activities on the customer journey. The uniqueness of the data that is transformed into actionable insight to power brands decision making are because with Cohora, you capture many more data on the different facets of your customers behaviours across the customer journeys which enable you to provide more efficient and powerful comms and offers to influence the customers.

Rewards and empower your customer – Cohora provides all the bell and whistles in term of features to drive engagement to empower your users and rewards them. Cohora leverage it several key features to transform your customers intro macro influencers that will build incremental reach and promotion to you’re your brands, products and services… this increases the probability of multiplying the customer lifetime by x factors and generate additional revenues.  These customers get rewarded not only for their promotional and purchase actions but also for their engagement action. The customers have a real opportunity to earn cash or other type of rewards which will boost their confidence in your brands and increase your customer retention rate. Studies say a 5% increase in retention rate, generate an increase in profit by 25%-90%.

Omni channel Push- To be able to thrive in the digital era, Cohora enable communication via multiple device such as mobiles, tablet, desktop, digital TV… couples with a single click push on multiple social platforms such FB, Insta, Twitter, Cohora feeds. This multichannel engagement is conducted via the different digital channel, mobile/web push, in-app push, email, SMS, newsletter, social feed. According to studies, customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel vs. single channel.

Cohora, the next generation customer-centric tool is diverse, intelligent and comprehensive. Empower your audience with a rewarding personal touch that Cohora has to offer!

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